If you want to know a bit more about how I got here, read on: 
It began in second grade with pencil crayons and tempera paints on scavenged brown craft paper. It soon advanced to painting with oils and acrylics and then sign painting, pin striping, sculpture, and screen printing. I was loving it all and I earned my keep through high school by creating and selling my work. After high school I honed my drafting skills and created the sets for a stage production of Ben Hur. That led to designing the stage backdrop for one of the very first outdoor Christian festivals they called Jesus 73. The following six years found me designing sets and graphics at the Christian Broadcasting Network, and the next ten years doing the same with my own company. 
My work back then involved pens, pencils, brushes, markers, and drafting instruments applied to real art and theatrical materials. In 1988 I bought my first Apple Macintosh and taught myself Adobe Illustrator 1.0. I went on to master more graphic art programs and never stopped. During the 24 years prior to 2016 I served at a large church in the local area building a media and arts department covering just about every aspect of visual and technical artistry; from videography, and graphic arts, to set design and multi-media production. 
Since then, and up to now, I am still working to serve the same needs as I did in the very beginning of it all. Some of it can be seen on nationally broadcast TV programs today. I'd love to work with you in solving your next visual design challenge. Let's get together and create something remarkable.
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